Plan Your Financial Future by Managing your Mortgage with Fairway

At Fairway, we are Mortgage Planners. We work with our clients to help them select the best loan program and financing options for their specific circumstances. For some people, that may be a larger down payment and a short, 10-year mortgage.

For others, it may be a very small down payment and a long-term mortgage. No matter what your specific situation may be, our mortgage planners want you as a “client for life” and will be by your side each step of the loan process and for years to come.

How does Fairway Manage my Mortgage?

Our mortgage planners will examine your credit report with you, discuss the best loan options available to you, and tell you the truth about the kind of house that you can afford while still living comfortably. We go above and beyond to make sure that you are financially secure with your decision and are always available to you after you close to review your options.

More About Mortgage Management

To learn more about mortgage management with Fairway, pleas see your frequently asked questions below.

When planning and managing your mortgage, our loan officers at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation consider:

  • Down Payment
  • Closing Costs
  • Interest Rates
  • Points
  • Available Loan Programs
  • Credit History
  • Savings
  • Income
  • Other Debts
  • Career Goals / Plans
  • Family Circumstances
  • Property Value
  • Overall Economy

At Fairway, we truly are interested in providing the best possible results for your mortgage that will set the stage for your financial future. Our mortgage professionals understand this industry and have a vested interest in helping you reach your goals. After all, we want you to be part of the Fairway family for life. Our goal each day is simple – find the best loan at the best rate and take excellent care of our clients. Let Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation guide you toward a healthy future by increasing your financial safety.

The loan experts at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation are happy to take you through the mortgage and loan process to make sure you understand each step. Contact us today and let us help you manage your financial future!


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