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If you are ready to upsize to a larger or newer home, we’re here to help! Whether your family is growing or you are moving up the ladder at work, or it’s just time for a change, there are many reasons for moving or upgrading to a larger or different home.

With today’s favorable prices, rates, and loan programs, now is a great time to consider either refinancing to add on or buy your next home. At Fairway, we will sit down with you to discuss your financial goals and how much house you can afford. Think about it – what better time to do what you have always dreamed of than right now?

Ready to Upgrade your Home?

So you think you are ready to upgrade your current home. There are several reasons your may want to consider upsizing, including:

  • You can afford it
  • You want to upgrade
  • You need more room(s)
  • You have too much stuff
  • You’re ready for the house you’ve always wanted
  • You want to move into “that certain neighborhood”

Benefits of Moving Up with Fairway

  • We’ll start by listening to you so that we understand your needs, wants, desires and concerns
  • We will advise you on the mortgage process from start to finish and set realistic expectations
  • We’ll determine the best loan for your and your situation


To learn more about being a move-up buyer and the steps you should take when considering upgrading your home, please see your frequently asked questions below.

There are many benefits to upgrading to a larger home. Whether you want to grow your family or you just want more space, here are just a few benefits to consider when moving in to a bigger home.

  • More kitchen space
  • More closet space
  • Upgraded appliances
  • More master bedroom space
  • Location, location, location!

There are different types of programs available with lower down payment requirements for First Time Home Buyers. Move Up Home Buyers are defined as a growing family moving from a smaller home into a larger home, so this might be a perfect situation for you.

First, get a full home and pest inspection done and fix any problems, large or small. Whether it be roof leaks, termites, foundation problems, wall holes and damage, dampness, or plumbing problems, fix anything that may turn away a potential buyer. Next, hit the major things that potential buyers will be looking at. Consider steam cleaning your carpets and draperies or replacing them if they are too worn to salvage. Now that you have gone over all of the structural points of the home and made changes to help your homes market value it is time to get to the nitty-gritty parts of making your home market ready. It’s time to rid your home of all that clutter you didn’t even notice. Clear your kitchen and bathroom countertops, bookshelves and tabletops, and any other surfaces that might contain knick-knacks or even excessive items you use on a daily basis. The point is to give the appearance of being roomy and comfortable to let the buyers truly see the home while not being fixated on your stuff. Lastly, take a step outside. How does your home look before you have even entered it? Make sure your homes curb appeal is up to par. After all, you want your home to be welcoming before potential buyers even take their first step inside. It may seem like quite a bit but making sure that your home is market ready is a necessary step in the process of selling your home for its maximum value.

At Fairway, our hope is to make your home loan process so stress free that you can concentrate on the important things like getting ready to move. Contact us today!


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